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Biology Challenge (Junior Biology Olympiad) is a competition open to all your school’s 13-15 year olds and will take place online in schools between 6th and 24th March 2017.

Teachers are now able to register their school for Biology Challenge via the Royal Society of Biology website. Registration costs £30 per school and includes competition entry for all your school's eligible students.

Biology Challenge is open to 13-15 year old pupils in Year 9/Year 10 in England and Wales, Year 10/Year 11 in Northern Ireland and S2/S3 in Scotland and equivalent year groups globally.

Some comments made by teachers at schools which have taken part in the competition:

"I would like to thank you and the team for all your hard work and support throughout the competition.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the challenge, which sparked a lot of interest and curiosity.  It was great to hear the conversations students were engaging in upon completing the challenge, so I would like to thank the organisers for creating some really inspiring questions."

"Thank you for organising the Challenge. I think it is a wonderful way of broadening the students’ experience and stimulating curiosity about the natural world. Long may it continue!"

"Thank you for organising another successful Biology Challenge. This is our second year doing it and the pupils enjoy it immensely."

"Thanks for all your hard work in giving us such an efficiently run Biology Challenge. The online instructions were clear and precise and we didn’t have any problems at our end. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the challenge."

"Thank you very much for doing this Challenge. It is simply wonderful, and the instructions are very clear and well organised. The students were very positive about it. I have no criticisms whatsoever!"

More comments can be found here.

Biology Challenge is open to pupils aged 13 to 15 years (date of birth between 1st September 2000 and 31st August 2002).


“I’m a great admirer of all that the BBO has achieved for school and college biology in the UK. The Challenge now provides a wonderful opportunity to extend this to a younger age group. I support it unreservedly.”

Professor Michael Reiss, Professor of Science Education at the Institute of Education.