Biology Challenge 2021

Summer 2021

Medals and Certificates

100% of students which enter the BC receive a certificate!


We are prepared for COVID19. As part of this, BC has been moved to summer 2021.

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About BC 2021

Biology Challenge stimulates students’ curiosity for the natural world and encourages them to take an interest in biology outside of school.

Biology Challenge is open to 13 to 15 year old students, i.e. in:

  • Y9/Y10 in England and Wales
  • Y10/Y11 in Northern Ireland
  • S2/S3 in Scotland, and
  • equivalent year groups worldwide.

The competition consists of two, twenty-five-minute multiple choice papers to be taken online under staff supervised exam conditions. Questions will be set on the school curriculum, but the competition will also reward those students whose knowledge of the subject has been increased by reading books and magazines, watching natural history programmes, taking notice of the news media for items of biological interest, and are generally aware of our natural flora and fauna.

Schools will be able to conduct Biology Challenge in whatever way best suits their pupils, ensuring that they enjoy participating and have a reasonable expectation of recognition for their achievements. As well as being able to submit their pupils' scores to the national competition, schools will be encouraged to award their own prizes and to make use of certificates provided for them.




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£ for unlimited students

About United Kingdom Biology Competitions

A registered charity in England and Wales number 1191037

  • 25 years of experience
  • 100% medal success at the IBO
  • 3 competitions for secondary school students
  • Welcoming to volunteers to support the competitions

UKBC registered as a charity in 2020, after operating as independent group for 25 years. We have extensive experience in writing biology exams for all ages of secondary school students. Every year, we deliver 3 high quality exams for over 60,000 students. We work closely with the Royal Society of Biology and University of Warwick to bring these exams to as many students as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions. However, if you still have a query please get in touch.

  • How many students can I enter?

    There are no limits on participation numbers.

  • £30 for unlimited students.

  • Students who usually have extra time in public examinations may have the appropriate proportion of extra time to complete the Biology Challenge. It is up to the invigilating teacher to facilitate this correctly.

  • We successfully hosted the Intermediate Biology Olympiad 2020 at the height of lockdown, which had even more participants than usual. Therefore, we are confident the Biology Challenge will go ahead successfully.

    Where schools are unable to open, or students are self isolating, teachers will be able to invigilate them remotely so they can participate from home. Further details on how to do this will be sent in summer 2021.

  • The British Challenge is administered as an exam. Therefore, only your teacher can register candidates, and invigilate them. If you want to take part you must convince your teacher to make the arrangements!

    You could politely and kindly explain that the competitions are free, sign-up is simple, the vast majority of participating schools receive at least one medal, and that invigilation could be as simple as watching you during a lunch-break.

    All contact between UKBC and students should be made via teachers (except for in-person events such as the IBO).

  • You can sign up for BBO2021 on this website.


Please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to answer questions or hear from interested volunteers!

Write to us:

UK Biology Competitions, Royal Society of Biology, 1 Naoroji Street, London, WC1X 0GB

Call Raghavendra Selvam:

020 3925 3460