Biology Competitions

Society of Biology

Volunteers needed!

We are looking for volunteers who would like the challenge of setting questions for the British Biology Olympiad.

Each of the first two rounds involves questions from the seven topic areas shown below:

        Cell Biology 
        Animal anatomy and physiology 
        Plant anatomy and physiology 
        Genetic and evolution 

Round 1 - these should be multiple choice with 4 or 5 alternatives. Questions should  test the candidates' understanding of a topic or involve problem solving rather than requiring  straight factual recall.

Round 2 - the questions required should be more demanding in terms of both knowledge and reasoning. Answers can consist of one or more letters or numerals, plus and minus signs or the results of numerical calculations.

The standard required should be just above that of GCE A level. Teachers, post-graduate researchers and undergraduates might find the production of even a few questions a year a rewarding experience.

Please contact Dr Andrew Treharne for more information.