Biology Competitions

Society of Biology


Teachers can find out more about registering their students for the school biology competitions by visiting the Royal Society of Biology:

Biology Challenge 2019 - teachers can now register the students for the competition.

Intermediate Biology Olympiad 2019 - registration will open on 1st March 2019.

A new reduced participation fee has been introduced for the Britsh Biology Olympiad 2019 and Intermediate Biology Olympiad 2019 to encourage students to enter.

Each school is eligible for five free places in the competition. Stepped fees are applied for each additional student entered, up to a maximum fee of £100:

  • 1-5 students registered from a school = free
  • 6-25 students registered = £5 each (max. cost for 25 students is £100)
  • 26 or more students registered = £100 total entry fee

The entry fee for the Biology Challenge 2019 remains at £30 per school for an unlimited number of participants.

The 2019 competitions will take place during the following dates:

British Biology Olympiad - 1st - 8th February 2019

Biology Challenge - 6th - 26th March 2019

Intermediate Biology Olympiad - 7th - 14th June 2019