Biology Competitions

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In addition to the general rules for International Biology Olympiad (IBO) rules for the British Biology Olympiad (BBO) are as follows:

1. Any students eligible according to IBO rules may enter the BBO.

2. Those candidates wishing to compete for a place in the UK team should be willing to undertake a dissection and must be available for all subsequent dates, including the Team Selection Preliminary Round, Team Selection Final, Awards Ceremony, Team Training and International Biology Olympiad competition. In addition to the eligibility criteria described on the IBO website, they should have been attending a school in the UK for at least two years at the time of the international competition. Under certain circumstances a student attending a British school oversees may be considered; please contact the organisers in this regard. Students are only allowed to take part in one national Biology Olympiad competition each year.

3. Students who have previously participated in the Team Selection Final will not be allowed to attend the Final a second time.

4. Students must be supervised in the same manner as they would when taking public examinations.

5. Teachers must not log in to student accounts. Teachers are prohibited from viewing the papers and there is no need to test the system. The papers load in the same way as pages on this public site.